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TRID Facts vs Fiction and Who is Effected

In this episode of Valley of the Sun Real Estate Show I cover the upcoming changes to the disclosures effective Oct 3 2015. I cover the facts and fiction related to these changes and compare what is not to what will be when the change is implemented. 


If you are looking to purchase a home after Oct 3 2015 then you will want to know about these changes.

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Identity Theft..Local Mortgage/Realtor found Guilty

In this episode of Valley of the Sun Real Estate Show I will go over a local case of Identity Theft, offer tips on how to protect yourself and what to do if you do fall victum to identity theft. Serious topice that we all can learn from. 

3 guarentees in life 1) Death 2) Taxes adn the 3rd is Identity teft or that you know someone who will have their identity compromised.

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RPM mortgage gets fined 20 million & Pres Obama proposes changes to Affordable Housing

In this episode of Valley of the Sun real Estate show I will be going over the penalty to RPM mortgage for their loan fraud scheme and how it could impact you. This scheme is common practice and I tell you how you can avoid it. 

I also go over the propsed changes to affordable housing that the current administration is looking to make and how this could hurt you.

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Real Estate Traps to Avoid in Phoenix (Buyer Side)

In this episode of Valley of the Sun Real Estate Show I go over some of the Traps that you can fall into when you are looking to purchase a home. You as a buyer will face many challanges when purchasing a home. In this episode I will go over those items and give my advice on what you can do to avoid them. Do let yourseld fall into these listen to this epidode and be prepared.

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