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Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Market Update for Feb 2016

In this episode of Valley of the Sun Real Estate Show I give some of my insights ont he market along with some insights from Micheal Orr form ASU WP Carey School of business. If you want to find out how far we have come in our real estate market and where the market is heading in the future then you will want to listen to this podcast.


Jayson Bates


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Why You should consider a 15yr Mortgage in Phoenix Arizona Real Estate

In this Episode of Valley of the Suin Real Estate show I share my thoughts on a 15yr mortgage an why you should consider this term over a 30yr term. If you are looking to purchase or refinance a home in Phoenix I would love the opportunity to go over all the options that are available to you. One of those options being a 15yr mortgage. 


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This episode was recorded as a live Stream Blab and I go int some of the tips that you can do when shopping for a home to make sure that you are getting the right people on your side and to make sure you get the best deal on your mortgage. This is an insiders view on Mortgage companies, What they are and who they actually represent. If you want an insiders perspective on mortgage companies then this is the episode for you. 

Jayson Bates





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How Technology is Changing  Real Estate in Phoenix Arizona

This is episode that I recorded from a Live Stream on as we discussed how technology is effecting all aspects of Real Estate. Everything from how Real Estate is sold to how it is purchase and even how it is marketed. 

If you want a glimps into the Future of Real Estate then this is an episode for you. 


Jayson Bates


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In this episode of Valley of the Sun Real Estate Show We go over all the top Real Estate News Makers for Jan 2016.

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All things news stories for Jan 2016


Will Mortgage Deductions remain Sacred...Candidates weigh in


Consumer-Direct Mortgage Lending Is Dead


FHA to Cut Multifamily Insurance Rates

KB Home Sees Demand Surge Among Millennial, 'Boomerang' Buyers


Problems in HUD as Julian castro see it (minute 7:00 to 7:49, 8:26 to 9:16, 10:07 to 10:23)


Foreclosure Inventory Falls to Pre-Recession Lows: CoreLogic


NMLS Reports No Growth in State-Licensed Companies

State licensed mortgage companies actually lost .3% as of the last NMLS report. There are only 15,837 state-licensed companies nationwide. Branches grew 2.9% over the previous year. The number of originators grew by 2% to 130,284 vs. 405,738 federally registered originators. Banks often register everyone since it requires no real expense since they are exempt from continuing education and state licensing fees. The takeaway is that people don’t want to start a mortgage business.  Wonder why?


Goldman Sachs to pay $5 billion in mortgage settlement


Chase 4Q Mortgage Earnings Down 21% on Lower Revenue


B of A Mortgage Income Drops 26% in Fourth Quarter

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In this episode of Valley of the Sun Real Estate show I am joined by local Appraiser Aaron Chonka of Metes and Bounds Valuation Services. He share his insights on how YOU can get a fair appraisal. So many times an appraisal can "Kill the Deal" Aaron shares his vast knowledge on how this can be prevented. 

Find out your rights when in comes to appraisals and what you can do to help ensure that YOU get a fair appraisal.


Jayson Bates


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Thank you Aaron for being a Part of show and sharing your knowledge.

Aaron Chonka
Metes & Bounds Valuation Services
P.O. Box 4232
Scottsdale, AZ  85261
480.463.6388 (office)
623.451.5249 (mobile)
480.240.5922 (fax)

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